Web Applications and Software Architecture


We design your web application based on an agile, user centered approach to software development. Our projects start from the customer experience and involve end users during the design phase. We also measure results constantly, making sure that business goals are always met.


Before we start working on something, we take context into account. For interaction intensive projects, we consider the intended user base and try to find the best matches between user needs and client goals; we do so through the creation of personae and scenarios.


We use a combination of use cases, user stories and sitepath diagrams to elicit software requirements and prioritize them. We then lay down the foundations for the software architecture, choosing the proper datastores, exchange protocols and other software components.


We pick top priority user stories and start working on them taking care of making user interaction more intuitive and smarter. Once they have been validated on testing and staging environments, they are (automatically) deployed. We take care of user interaction with the software.


We take care of every aspect of our software. We start hard testing perfomance, find bottle necks, apply best testing tecniques like black box testing, regression testing, manual testing, automated testing and test case. And we do not balk visual bugs.


Real Ajax Uploader
Real Ajax Uploader

Modern HTML5 base multi file uploader. Fast, parallel uploads, chunk upload and more.

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Cube Slider
Cube Slider

3D Cubes Image Slider base on css3. Lightweight, fast and responsive .

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Fine Zoom
Fine Zoom

Simple javascript zoom jQuery plugin. Writen for performance and simplicity.

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HTML5 File manager

Modern HTML5 file manager using the full power of html5.

To Come


Multimedia Processor Server, a linux based server for media convertion and elaboration.

To Come

Secret SMS

E2E encryption software for sending secrets message.

Android Store

Our Clients!

Henrik Grasshoff: Real Ajax Uploader the best and simple file uploader I have ever found on net


We are a team of equal contributors who speak openly and honestly with clients, and who take the practice of transparency so seriously that we work in an office with glass walls. We share successes as a team, and we test until work is perfect. We can show where our time goes, and more importantly, what our time creates.

Alban Xhaferllari


Javascript and PHP master. Skills in Javascript OO programming and optimizing appliacation performance.

Other: Pascal, C#, Visual Basic, C programming.


The Condor


PHP master and C master. Can find a way (dirty or clean) to solve every problem.

His code is hard to be read


Daniel Swan


The fastest coder every. Once his has got the idea he does not stop.

PHP/JS/Java master.



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